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These are Gutar Pins I've Collected from around the World.
Most of the Pins are from the Hard Rock
A small selection is dedicated to House of Blues
Listings have Qty issued and current Value as per HRCPCC

May 31, 2016

75815 Niagara Moose Crossing 2013

Upside down vertical guitar with black moose
on yellow crossing sign as guitar body. 
HRC logo located on guitar neck with "NIAGARA FALLS, CANADA" underneath logo. 
Part of 3 pin "crossing" set

Qty:unknown                             value $ 15.00

73049 Cayman Island Stingray 2013

Horizontal guitar that has a Stingray as the body of the guitar
 with its tail wrapping around the neck of the guitar.

Qty: 200                             value $12.00

40799 Cozumel Guitars on the Wall 2007

Set of 5 pins featuring guitars on the walls of the Cozumel cafe:
 John Hiatt, Jamie Stewart (The Cult), Ace Frehely (KISS), 
Albert Collins, Scorpions
 - all pins are gold based and come in a special box.

Qty: 100                   value $90.00

69900 Santiago red Guitar 2012

Qty: unknown       value $29.00

57613 San Antonio Purple Core 2010

Standard Core Guitar - Purple

Qty: 300            value $ 13.00

Nov 6, 2015

75607 St Maarten 2nd Annv 2013

Airplane flying over the beach, 
with people looking to, 
before arriving at Princess Juliana Airport.

Qty: 300                      value $18.25

63209 Hollywood Hotel FL 2011

Vertical guitar with HR Seminole Hotel & Casino Logo 
in purple and yellow on the guitar neck. 
The guitar body has a building, trees, playing cards, 
dice, chips and slot machines.
 Hollywood FL in red letters at the top of the guitar body.

Qty:unknown                     value $15.00

57880 Key West Core City T Vxx Guitar 2013

Vertical guitar with lighthouse, marlin, 
fort, palm tree, conch shell and banner 
with 'Love All Serve All' across bottom

Qty: unknown                              value $13.00

55235 Key West Core Guitar 2009

Light purple Gibson Core Guitar

Qty: unknown         value $13.50

Nov 4, 2015

74115 Niagara Mountie 2013

Pins depicts a girl dressed in a Canadian Mountie uniform 
holding a mug of beer sitting on the Hard Rock Logo in front of a Red Maple Leaf
 "NIAGARA FALLS" is spelled across the top of the HRC logo 
& "CANADA" along the bottom of the logo

Qty: 300                                                           value $ 16.00