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These are Gutar Pins I've Collected from around the World.
Most of the Pins are from the Hard Rock
A small selection is dedicated to House of Blues
Listings have Qty issued and current Value as per HRCPCC

Jun 8, 2011

46244 HRC Lennon Imagine 2008

This is not a Guitar pin, But I'm a Beatles Fan

W.H.Y.'S "Imagine There's No Hunger" Global Campaign in the Fight Against Worldwide Hunger and Poverty. Promoted by Yoko Ono Lennon, Proceeds from Hard Rock's IMAGINE Pin Fight Hunger and Poverty Worldwide Through Grassroots Solutions that Secure Basic Rights to Food, Water, Land, Jobs, and Credit. For More Information, Please Visit www.worldhungeryear.org. Released in London & New York on Wednesday October 29, 2008 Because of a Television Promotion. Released Again at the Remaining HRC's and the HRCPCC Online Shop on Monday, November 3, 2008 - Size: 2" x 1" - Material Make-up: Silver Tone Base Metal, Hard Enamel. Predominant Colors: White, Red, Black. Manufacturer: Pin USA. Back: Small Boxed 4LC with Additional Information Around the Circle. Limited Edition - Sale Price $12.00.

Qty: unknown            value $23.00

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